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Our Users

Customer - Someone who leaves a tip using TiPJAR. 

Tipped Worker - Someone who collects tips using TiPJAR. 

Admins - Client Users who will administer the system, inviting new users and providing information about who has worked and when to drive tip splits.

Our Platform

TiPJAR Wallet - The account that holds money a user owns, that can be drawn into their bank account.

Solo TiPJAR - A User that has signed up for our Solo product, allowing them to collect tips for themselves. 

Team TiPJAR - A TiPJAR that co-workers can join to get tips.  Tips might be shared or might be “direct”.

Organisation - A TiPJAR organisation can own and manage multiple Team TiPJARs.  Clients within the organisation can join any team TiPJARs in the same organisation.

VenueA single location at which TiPJAR is used to collect tips. For example “Honest Leicester Square”

Tip SplitsThe process of sharing tips amongst  members of a Team TiPJAR.

Direct TipsA solution that allows members of Team TiPJAR to receive tips directly (no split required)

Shared TipsTips paid into a Team TiPJAR which are split and distributed amongst the members of that team. 

Cashless TipsTips that are considered “cash equivalent” collected by TiPJAR - all tips we handle aside from those collected via SuperTronc.  This means that the individual is responsible for declaring them to HMRC.

Our Products

TiPJAR Core - The QR codes for collecting tips and the web/mobile apps that enable users to view and distribute. 

Tap To Tip Box - A physical device that collects cashless tips, one of several tip collecting options. 

YetiPDQ - A payment device (card machine) from TableYeti that can collect a single transaction from the customer and send the tip to TiPJAR directly, whilst the payment for the bill goes to the operator.

SuperTronc - Tips that collected by an operator and passed to TiPJAR to distribute.  These tips have to be run through the SuperTronc payroll before Users can claim them, to deduct tax which is passed to HMRC.

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