What is TiPJAR?

Modified on Fri, 13 Jan 2023 at 07:06 PM

TiPJAR provides a new range of options to tipped workers and the people who employ them to collect and distribute tips.

As cash has disappeared, people who rely on tips have been getting less and less.  We fill this gap, as well as helping people who employ tipped workers to manage and share tips faster, more transparently and with less admin headaches.

TiPJAR enables:

  • Tipped workers to have a tip account, which we call their wallet, from which they can withdraw tips into their bank account. We’ll be adding more options to this, including spend cards, and other ways to access and spend tips.

  • The ability to set up team TiPJARs and share tips received into the Team TiPJAR equally amongst the members of the team, based on who was working when the tips were received. This is based on the hours each person in the team worked, either entered by a nominated person on the team (a TiPJAR admin) or collected automatically through an integration with a rota system.

  • Collection of tips through TiPJARs tipping portal, accessed either by a QR code or a web link, either into Team TiPJARs or directly to each individual.

Further collection options

You can extend TiPJAR with lots of other ways to collect tips:

  • You can integrate our web links for teams or individuals into your own ordering solutions or apps.

  • You can order additional materials with your QR codes on them, including NFC enabled bill presenters, table tents, posters and more.

  • You can add our Tap to Tip hardware option, allow teams to collect tips through a dedicated tipping device that sits on bar or counter tops.  This is produced by TableYeti under contract to TiPJAR. These devices are available in the UK and EU.

  • You can use the ready built integrations with order and pay products.  Some offer a “full” integration where the customer experiences a single transaction, with the tip being sent to TiPJAR and the bill amount to the operator (for example, Sunday).  Others offer simple integrations where it’s possible to show the tipping link after the order or checkout process (for example Mr Yum and StoreKit).

  • You can use our integrations to PDQ devices (card payment machines) which allow the customer to complete a single transaction, with the tip being sent to TiPJAR and the bill amount to the operator.  Our first solution in this space hit the market last year, in collaboration with provider TableYeti.  This functionality is available for customers in the UK and EU.

  • In the UK, you can use our SuperTronc product, which allows operators to send tips they have collected to TiPJAR for distribution to their teams.   This puts a payroll solution in front of TiPJAR, so operators can comply with the law that says tips they collect for their employees must be taxed before they are paid.

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