Who is TiPJAR, and what is SUPERTRONC?

Modified on Fri, 28 Jul 2023 at 09:49 AM

What is TiPJAR?

TiPJAR is an award-winning cashless tipping platform, that allows individuals and teams to receive cashless tips directly from their customers, then distribute them transparently & fairly amongst the team.  Our SUPERTRONC add-on also allows tips and services charges businesses have collected to be distributed through TiPJAR too! 


Well, it's a tronc! A tronc is a special pay arrangement that lets businesses in the hospitality and leisure sector share staff tips, gratuities and service charges collected through a card machine, given by customers.

By using a tronc you get more of this money than you would if it went through a normal payroll, because you don’t have to pay National Insurance.  

It's more simple than a traditional tronc

Tronc’s are difficult to operate, but Supertronc has iIntegrations with your POS systems and rotas that can make it almost hands-free for the business! No more confusing spreadsheets and errors 

And, you get faster access to your tips

No more waiting until payday! SUPERTRONC allows you and the team to access card tips & service charges faster - offering the same experience of regular, on-demand income that TiPJAR already does, and cash tips used to. 

Why would we be using SUPERTRONC?

Your employer is using TiPJAR and SUPERTRONC because they wanted to give their teams a better user experience, more trust, greater transparency, and faster access to tips – all while remaining compliant with the latest developments in tipping legislation. 

SUPERTRONC is all about putting you in control.  Let your tips for the month build up and take them all in one go, or take them little and often if that’s better for you!   

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