So, what is a typical 'tronc' and how does it work?

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  • What is a Tronc?

A Tronc is a system used in hospitality to pool and distribute the tips, service charges, and gratuities you receive from customers.

  • How does this Tronc system function?

The Tronc system works by collecting all the tips and then distributing them among staff. This distribution is usually managed by a Troncmaster. In the case of SUPERTRONC - that'd be us, TiPJAR.

  • Who usually acts as a Troncmaster? 

A Troncmaster is usually a staff member, an employee, who handles the responsibility of managing the Tronc. They, usually alongside a committee of peers decide how the tips are divided, but they must do it in a way that is fair to everyone.

  • How does the Tronc benefit us? 

A Tronc system, when properly managed, allows for tax efficiencies, such as being exempt from National Insurance contributions on tips. Additionally, it ensures an organised and fair way for staff to receive tips!

  • Can our employers use our tips to make up for our wages? 

Absolutely not. According to UK law, employers cannot use tips or service charges to meet the National Minimum Wage.

  • Is our Tronc income guaranteed? 

The income from a Tronc can fluctuate as it depends on the tips, service charges, and gratuities you receive from customers, which can vary.

  • Can our employer influence the Tronc system? 

An employer shouldn't interfere in the distribution of your tips. If they do, it may affect the tax benefits of the Tronc. They can, however, provide advice or guidance to the Troncmaster.

  • What if I'm not happy with how our Tronc system is managed? 

If you're concerned about the operation of your Tronc, you should first discuss it with the Troncmaster (if you're a SUPERTRONC user, us) or your manager.

  • How is a Tronc different from tips given directly to me? 

If a customer tips you directly, that tip is yours! With a Tronc, however, the tips are pooled together and then shared among the whole team based on a predetermined system. This ensures a more equitable distribution of tips, especially in situations where some of us have more customer interaction than others.

  • Can I be part of more than one Tronc system? 

Yes, you can participate in more than one Tronc system. It's crucial, though, that each system is managed separately and follows the proper Tronc procedures!

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